it's been fun, cheeky charleston, mighty fine, long long time, dance by my side, that's when remember, despecha ab, sharks ab, ab wild heart, it's a passion, gimme gimme gimme, made tou look, remix of love, united in love, running to the sunshine, stand by me, flowers, tombolo, here i am honey, you bachata, all we need, sexy mona lisa, bailar contigo, always will, do thy neighbor, ah si


mood to celebrate, AA, i freaking love you, how will i know, going out out, summer rendez vous, solo para ti, where good to go, i'm so excited, sunroof, the banana dance, ce soir, gives me shivers, irish boots, i'm on my way, shake it vegas, aline, from the ground up, reunited, pollina reggae, southern soul bounce, flowers, wonderland waltz, half way to errogie, tango tango, tahiti, in the valley, she doesn't mind, this is how party, love dancing in mexico, am i ready, no me llevas, kiss me et pleaser


carribean plans, storm and stone, one night in dubai, fingers crossed, darte un besso, make it, thelma et louise, remember this, irish boots, guan guan, la goffa lolita, shake your cake, island moon, ecco ecco, save it for sunny day, hairspray, in da ghetto, out of my way, dancing on my own, get it, get in or get out, my myself and miami, desperado, give me your tempo, mama & me, celestial, sunny swing, shoot to kill,tick tick boom et bright eyes


my enemy, drinking alone, that that, super mode, hypnosis, jumanji, go greases lightning, never fool me, 6's to 9's, 1 2 snap, netflix and chill, darts in the dark, hold my hand, everyone needs a hero, giggy up, i'm fabulous, the sphinx, flowers, we feel like dancing, never gonna not dance, right girl wrong time, devil in a dress, 3 tequila floor, because of you et jhoome


feel the fire, tequila shoots, hairspray, headphones, the sphinx, in da house, fake it, coming back stronger, oh halleujah, move you, losing all control, work the world et stricky unholy


i run to you, alabao, straighten up, crazy foot mambo, wasted, american kids, something in the water, the haverster, imelda's way, askin questions, ticket to the blues, DHSS, summer fly, the world, lonely drum, zjozzy's funk, sinner, wonderland watz, obsession, hooked on country, back to the start, toung volcanoes, lay low, easy come easy go, go cat go, galway girl et gypsy queen


left in the dark, AA, reunited, mighty fine, flip it, remember this, b.k cowboy, way out the west, small towns, save it sunny day, mercury blues, gives me shivers, country touch, still having fun, desperately in love, kiss me, damn bana, heaven's jukebox, half way to errogie, in the valley, too many love songs, 5 foot 9, whiskey on the self, another country, country nights, sweet & texas, float, tucson too late, to get a girl et lucky lips


honky tong way, urban grace, knock off, hypnosis, thelma et louise, wine beer whiskey, you didn't, mama & me, fake id, giddy up, martha divine, impossible love, one my own again, be a better man, 2 stepping away, in the valley, right girl wrong time, crazy song et new friends